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on 31/07/2017 00:26
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KashmirBox.com is an online multiproduct store for the TRADITIONAL HERITAGE products of Kashmir. This online store intends to create a niche market for exquisite Kashmiri products. Most of the products on this online shop are handmade and hand woven. Online shop also allows you to customize some product for yourself.
Different products available on KashmirBox includes exquisite Kashmir clothing and accessories, exotic foods pulses, SHAHI SAFFRON, KEHWAS, essential oils, NATURAL BEAUTY products, honey, pickles, JEWELLERY BOXES, table lamps, electric blankets, chairs, tables, PASHMINA wraps, KASHMIR WILLOW BATS and much more.
KashmirBox aims to provide better living standard to local artisans and craftsmen.
Return policy of shop allows customer to return products within 7 Days of delivery. This is not all you can return a product which is in a good condition and is up to your expectation but for some reasons you want to return it. Offcourse for any such return you have to pay a small Restocking Fee of INR 200 from your pocket. Hope you will like this shop and find it up to your expectations.